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The Charming Charmed Ones


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The Real Charmed Ones

Wanna know more bout the people who disguise themselves as witches and portray the act? Here's all yall need cuz if ya want to know it, i am here to show it!

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Alyssa Milano "Phoebe Halliwell"

The Queen of all Actresses, Alyssa Milano, plays the brilliant Phoebe Hallliwell. Phoebe Halliwell has great karate KICKS, premonition, and levitation! Now, THAT IS TIGHT! I mean REALLY KEWL!!!!!!!!! Phoebe's goin back to college and meetin obstacles as they come. She loves her dad and is STILL waitin for Cole. Her love hasn't ended YET! Phoebe Halliwell has also been in THOUSANDS of shows, movies, and commercials! But everyone should remember her in Who's The Boss! She was sooooo cute! I am also gonna make a page on her. (later on)

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Left to Right: Alyssa Milano, Shannon Doherty, and Holly Marie Combs Have All It Takes To Be Charmed!

Shannon Doherty "Prue Halliwell"

Shannon Doherty is a real great person and I don't know why people are alwayz teasin her. I mean, i know SHE USED to dress a little rated R, BUT not any more! Shannon Doherty plays the ever smart Prue Halliwell. Prue has da power to move things with her mind and like teleport. Now, I am just sayin that is pretty cool. Prue hates her dad but really she loves him a lot. She's lately been havin trouble with men as well as in real life! Prue is tight, I'll be addin a page bout her on this site later on, to get the real info!

Holly Marie Combs "Piper Halliwell"

Holly Marie Combs is what I would call a great actress and I think like she is da bomb, especially with what I would call A REAL CUTE BOYFRIEND, LEo! Duh! Holly Maire Combs plays the part of Piper, the witch who can freeze! That is an awesome power. Holly Marie Combs used to play on Picket Fences. She is a great actress and has talent. I LUV da way she dresses, and her EVER GREAT club, P3. I think she's my fave TV show actress!!! Piper is obsessed with findin her father. Piper is real great, so I am aslo gonna make a bio bout her LATER!

The Three Of Them

If any of the cast members has a web site dedicated to just them, I might include a link to it here:

And i don't know bout Shannon cuz there's alwayz BAD sites bout her! UGH!